Sunday, June 14, 2009

Scott Antique Market on Saturday

It has been a year and a half to two years since we have been at the flee market. It will be that long or longer before we go again. Everything was expensive. There was a lot of stuff and even more junk. Eddie Ross was there giving a flee market tour, telling everyone how to buy and re-pupose things.

These shells were covering and made into everything.

$320.00 each.

Newly made from rebars and iron rods. This booth had a lot of them which they used to hang things on. No price though. This booth had a lot of French style things.

$850.00 for the bench!!!

The medals in the little box ranged from $12.50 to $25 depending on if it was gold.

Sacred Heart Sigh from another all things French booth.

I always like the look of florals in a booth.

New bird house.

A mouse decoy for Buddy.

The burlap was the best part of this chair.

Sheep paintings in Woody's booth.

Grain bags were going from $48 to $120 for the ones that had prices.

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