Sunday, June 28, 2009

Li Edelkoort

Li Edelkoort is a Dutch trend forecaster extraordinaire. Bloom Magazine is where I first became aware of her talent. She is the art director and co-publisher of the magazine View on Colour, the indispensable magazine for colour & trend information for Product and Fashion.

The simplicity of her space and the limited color palette are appealing to me, the African stools are not. They do have a certain simplicity about them, but one would be enough.

The tall windows and skylights allow the space to be permeated by beautiful light.

All the clutter of the kitchen utensils at one end.

What is wonderful is the Italian Simons Ostrich Foot "Traccia"table. The unusual brass ostrich legs host a gold leaf top showing imprint of ostrich claw and was created by Merit Oppenheim. One can be found on 1stdibs.

Images from the great Australian magazine Inside Out.

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