Monday, December 22, 2008


Rajasthan Deluxe

If you can afford $1,500. for this book then you should be able to afford two copies. You will need to have one that you keep wrapped. Who would want to unwrap the book and destroy the presentation in order to look at the pages? You would not be able to re-wrap this beauty properly. It is wrapped in a one of a kind vintage saree and bound in raw silk. It is printed on a cotton paper. With all the beautiful paper that is made in India it should be a joy to touch and turn the pages.

Another $1,500 beauty is the Putman Style Delux. The slipcase is black and white tile with steel.

Racing Style Delux

Packaged in a genuine rubber slipcase to add to the feel of the racetrack.

Venice Delux

Is presented in a hinge box covered in Venetian fabric. The book is bound in velvet with a signature golden lion emblem. It is printed on Italian paper, one would think so, with gold leaf edges.

All books published by Assouline.

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