Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The New French Decor: Living with Timeless Objects

This is one of the books that we gave ourselves for Christmas last year and it has become a favorite. I am not a French person. I do not go in for Louie furniture. But this book has a timelessness about the objects that is so appealing. The objects, furniture, homes are all wabi sabi which explains the charm for me. The book is by Michele Lalande with photographs by Gilles Trillard.

This photograph remind me of the post on Juxtaposition Home.

What I like about the photos by Gilles Trillard is he looks into the objects, simple and direct. The images are well cropped so you receive the essence of the objects photographed.

In searching the web for images of the work of Gilles Trillard I came across 1stdibs. It is a great sight with articles on books, designers and a wealth of visuals.

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