Friday, June 20, 2008

Matthew Mead Style

Wouldn't you know it I threw away some old books yesterday morning and then saw a use for them on this site. It was too late to did them out of the trash as the garbage men had come and gone. A couple of weeks ago it was the wooden shoes in the courio cabinet. All this cleaning out maybe causing me some problems! I did save the end covers of the books to make little collogues of my grandparents. Completing one project is more important than storing things for fifthteen projects and never using the materials.

I had forgotten about the talented Matthew Mead and his web site. Thanks to Desire to Inspire I have revisited his site. This season the color scheme is cream and taupe. What is so refreshing about his style is that every season there is a different color scheme and all the departments follow suite. All images from Matthew Mead Style via Desire to Inspire.

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