Saturday, June 7, 2008

Courio Cabinets

This cabinet has to be the work of a stylist. All the colors are too coordinated. I do like it best of the two, but then it has more natural items than the other. The birds nest in the glass container is interesting. I just found another birds nest while walking the dogs. It was upside down in the street. My cabinet in the studio has a combination of natural items on the top shelves, some handmade books, cigar boxes filled with stamps and feathers and books. It needs an overhaul.

The wooden shoes in the top right shelf are too funny. We just got rid of a pair of these that were used when we did our 18th century living history. I still do not want them back. How much of this stuff do they really like and how much is just something to fill the space? Please do not light the candles while they are in the cabinet.

Second image from GMA Images via Desire to Inspire.

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