Monday, August 1, 2011

Made in Mississippi: McCartys Pottery

Lee and Pup McCarty

"We had a choice: The Cranbrook Academy of Art in California, or back home. We chose home - Aunt Margaret's mule barn, Marigold. Nailed up mattress boxes on the ceiling. Beige paint, one pint of bittersweet enamel (from Wun's, our grocer) on the barn door. Moved the kiln and wheel in. Aunt Effie wrote us up in the local paper for our own folds. We added up the leftovers and had some youth and $13.22. That was 1954."  Lee

"Melon Ball" in Gold Tea

signed with Merigold, Miss

one of Lee's first pieces from 1953 with clay dug from behind the ravine at Rowan Oak, the home of William Faulkner

Copy and images from McCartys Pottery.

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