Sunday, May 29, 2011

Where Were You Ten Years Ago?

Below is part of the meditation from Presentation Ministry from Friday, May 27th.

"To know God is possible only by His grace. However, you can do several practical things to help you receive that grace.
If you pray with others who also know Jesus because they are His friends, you will be able to learn from these other members of the body of Christ and come to know Him even better.
If you go to Confession at least monthly, you will remove the sin which hinders communication with the Lord.
If you read the Bible daily and especially if you hear it read at daily Mass, you will get to know the Lord well.
If you simplify your life, you will remove a surprising number of distractions from your relationship with the Lord. As a guideline, try to cut back your possessions so that you have less stuff than you had ten years ago.
A great Friend is waiting. Get to know Him better and He will be your delight."

So this has gotten me thinking do I have less than 10 years ago? First, where was I ten years ago which would be 2001. At that point we were working is an office at Executive Park. My father and Art's Mother were still alive. (Our parents died within two and a half months of each other in the beginning of 2002.) My parents were living in Louisiana. Art had not had by-pass surgery and I had not had heart problems. We had a cat and now we have two dogs. We were still doing 18th century living history. We were not Catholic.
We had begun to start simplifying our lives. Stuff was not satisfying us.

We became Catholic in 2004. Our lives revolve around the Lord now. We still have stuff, but not as much now. It doesn't mean as much and it can be a distraction. I wonder sometimes if doing this blog is a distraction. Life is a journey and I will continue to rid myself along the way of things that are not important and of value.

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