Saturday, February 12, 2011

Update on The Society, Inc.

Get a unique 'hands on' experience with stylist/author extraordinaire, Sibella Court, showing you what she does best.

Its a demo using 3 of her favourite objects as examples of how to create cheap, quick, beautiful still-lives & displays that you can recreate in your own interiors, at work, at home or in your boathouse.

Easy organic props that can be found whilst beachcombing, meandering around your neighbourhood, mementos from traveling (if you love stones as much as I do!) or rambles on your farm (or brothers as is my case)Feel free to ask questions, have a turn, or take reference pics of her simple creations & your own.

The Society has now opened their on line shop.

4A kraft paper

glitter anchors

zinc tags

More info at The Society.

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