Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Interiors at Museum of Appalachia

Daniel Boone cabin

The Museum of Appalachia has a collections of cabins, barns and outbuilding that have been collected and assembled in Norris, TN. The contents are not the original pieces found in the cabins, but an assemblage of items that would have been used by the pioneers. The items do extend over a large time period.

We have not done 18th century living history in a while, but the lessons have stayed with us. Living in a single room with all your belongings is quite contrary to the present day culture of having having it all and having it now. You can live with less and be happy. You are not burdened by your possessions and there is an appreciation for what you have. Carrying buckets of water to heat over a fire to cook and wash dishes is time consuming and we had easy access to water. We would just be at an encampment for a weekend so we just had a small experience of what our ancestors experienced. It did give us a great appreciation of what life was like. Running water is wonderful.

Daniel Boone cabin

small cabin interior


benches in the church

school room

I love seeing the size of the logs.

the tool for weaving

broom making

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