Monday, November 23, 2009

Pennsylvania Farmhouse

A restored 1840's farmhouse by Ochs Design.

What is so nice about the interior of this farmhouse is that it is not cute.

Edit, edit, edit...three words I do not know, but would like to meet. Why is it that I am drawn to rooms like this, but can never achieve them in my own home?

What's not to like about the above room; an antler light fixture, twigs above the windows, the symmetrical design of the room with facing sofas, but with two trunks as tables, the rust and gold colors in the room, the hint of a wooden fireplace mantel in the adjoining room...

We love our Windors, but they are not the most comfortable chairs to sit in. Nice, rich color on the walls.

Enough space that one area is an art instillation!

More information and photos can be seen at Restored Farmhouse.

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