Monday, January 5, 2009

Ludwig Design

"For a Universe of One's Own" by Ludwig Design who specializes in period properties-houses, gardens and parks. From the looks of their web site they certainly fill the bill. So in keeping with the images of recent posts on 18th century fashion from Revolution in Fashion by the Koyoto Institute or the paper fantasies of Isabelle de Borchgrave enjoy the images from Ludwig Design.

"Cigars, cigarettes, tiparillos?"

These pieces are the best part of what is on the mantle. What fun it would be to play with them. I wonder what other pieces come in the set?

The skirt is what interest me in this photo. It appears that the applicated flowers are on different layers of the skirt.

Once again a yellow and blue image attracts my interest.

The detail of the coat is the important part of this image. Even though it is not a true black dot on a white field it would not be thrown out of my closet.

I wonder what is in the three green boxes under the table?

We saw a snake displayed on a book page like this once; on the opposite page was a rendering of the snake. We walked to the Charleston Museum to see the exhibit because of the snake. We had no idea how many miles away the museum was from our hotel. Good thing or we would not have made the trip.

This room reminds me of Thomas O'Brien's apartment that was shown in the next to last issue of House and Garden. How nice to have a chest that has drawers on different sides.

The blue pencils and the books under under the column, the coral on the stand and the two books on the right are the stars of this image. The little red books have the most wonderful marbalizing on the edges of the paper.

Ludwig Design via Desire to Inspire.

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